Appointing an EU Representative

Many UK firms which do not have an EU-based location may become GDPR non-compliant when the Brexit transition period ends.

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The Growth of Privacy; Day 20 – The Enduring Lesson Of My Big Day in Dublin

When it comes to privacy and data protection compliance the principles are the same; you need to understand what really matters and go all-in on that.  It’s the difference between the false sense of security that comes from doing the wrong things efficiently and getting the important stuff done effectively.

The Growth of Privacy

The Growth of Privacy; Day 18 – The Lost Quotidian Journeys

What though of our daily interactions? It is likely that many of them are made not with people but with, or via, devices, or through the internet of things.

Leaving records, that form data.  Data that can be amassed and form great value; though not to us, unlike the valuable memories I have of those daily trips with my grandfather.

The Growth of Privacy - Day 18

The Growth of Privacy; Day 17 – Run!

When we chose free, what we didn’t realise is that this incentivised the creation of a new business model. One in which the most valuable assets were personal data and privacy, which were often inadvertently traded without really appreciating or understanding the implications.

The Growth of Privacy - Day 17 - Run