The Growth of Privacy; Day 3 – The Shifting Sands of Power

I run; or at least I try to, badly…

And as with most middle-aged men, my running efforts seem to be punctuated by various, how shall I put this diplomatically, “complications”. Lately injury has been bothering me, or a general issue with my ankles/feet/legs/lower body (it’s kind of non-specific) that leaves me hobbling about like an old wreck.

Growth of Privacy

The Growth of Privacy; Day 2 – Home Truths

I was fortunate to grow up in the same small community in which I now live and from which I work (though as it happens the community which I serve is now a vast global one). It is on the South coast of Ireland in west cork, a beautiful and friendly place in which I am privileged to live and now raise my own family.

The Growth of Privacy; Day 1 – Beginnings

I started studying law in University College Cork in the first week of October 1990; I was 18. Law had never really been a passion of mine, more something that I drifted into, and I had very little (read “no real”) idea of what to expect.

GDPR, Brexit And Happy Christmas

We have some big plans in store for 2020 and I look forward to revealing those to you as the New Year unfolds; we are excited about the prospect and we think you are going to like what you will see.