What Will Brexit Mean for GDPR and My Business?

The prospect of Brexit creates major uncertainty in many areas of life and business, not least when it comes to the question of the data that you hold in your business and how you comply with data protection requirements and GDPR.

What is a GDPR Representative and What Do They Do?

Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that any business not based in the EU that holds data on anyone in the EU, must appoint a representative in the EU for GDPR purposes.

GDPR Compliance Is Not Just for the Big Guys

When you see companies like WhatsApp getting brought to task by the data protection authorities and their parent company Facebook getting sued

The Side Effects of Non-Compliance with GDPR.

The introduction of GDPR led to one of the biggest frenzies in corporate activity we’ve seen in quite some time.  A lot of it quite unnecessary and hysterical, based on incomplete information and bad advice.