GDPR Compliance in Australia

We’ve created the resource pages in this section to help Australian business managers understand the key issues surrounding GDPR.

Quickly Ascertain if You Are Compliant

GDPR Compliance is not just for the big guys. Regulators are increasingly taking a hard line with startups and SMEs across the globe, including businesses in Australia. If you are concerned about whether or not your business is compliant with the law, the following guides will help you to assess your situation.

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GDPR Compliance Guides

Not sure if you require an EU representative? Take a look at our helpful guides aimed at businesses of all sizes.

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Small Business

Read Our Small Business Guide

A guide for smaller companies on achieving GDPR compliance. What are the minimum steps every small business owner should take? What are the risks for SMEs?

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Google Analytics

Read Our Google Analytics Guide

A guide to how companies should manage their analytics and other tracking software, to ensure that their website activity is GDPR compliant.

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Digital Marketing

Read Our Digital Marketing Guide

A guide to help companies ensure that their digital marketing activities on channels such Facebook, Twitter and Google, are legally compliant with GDPR.

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GDPR Fines

Read Our GDPR Fines Guide

How costly could non-compliance with GDPR be for your business? This guide explores the issues surrounding fines, with case study examples.

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Email Security

Read Our Email Security Guide

A short guide to ensuring that your business email infrastructure is secure and does not breach GDPR.

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Further Reading

Read Our Latest Blog Updates

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