Brexit-Ready Article 27 EU Representative Program for GDPR

A No-Hassle Way to Satisfy the EU Representative Requirements of Article 27 of the GDPR Post Brexit

The EU Business Partners Representative Program provides a simple, professional, cost-effective way of satisfying the requirements of Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR).

The GDPR requires many organizations that are regulated by the GDPR but that have no physical presence in the EU to establish an official representative located in the EU for the purpose of responding to the inquiries of European regulatory agencies.

By appointing EU based EU Business Partners as your company’s official EU representative for data protection, you can rest assured that your organization has taken a substantial step toward GDPR compliance while also being prepared to respond in a reliable, professional manner to any European privacy inquiries that may arise.

Key Benefits of EU Business Partner’s Article 27 Representative Program


Comply with Article 27 requirements without establishing a physical presence in Europe


Program is administered by attorneys and privacy professionals


Initial enrollment fees are fixed and competitive

How to Join


Click “Start Now” and submit the required information.


EU Business Partners will send your enrollment paperwork via email.


We’ll get in touch with you to give you further information and introduce you to the program.


EU Business Partners will represent your organization’s data protection interests in the EU.


EU Business Partners Article 27 Representative Program Pricing

Total Sales*Annual Fee
$0 to $5 million or 0 to 250 employees (whichever is greater)€997 per annum
Over $5 to $25 million or 0 to 250 employees (whichever is greater)€2,497 per annum
Over $25 to $50 million€4,997 per annum
Over $50 millionContact us for a custom quote here

*Note: Fees are based on gross global revenue and number of employees (where applicable) and generally provide coverage for a single covered entity. Additional covered entities may be included at no additional fee in certain circumstances.

Enroll in EU Business Partner’s Article 27 Representative Program

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