What is required of an EU representative under the GDPR?

Under the GDPR the EU representative is effectively the point of contact for the non EU business in the EU. It means that data subjects, or the EU citizens or people who are living in the EU whose data is held by the business, they are entitled to be able to contact somebody locally to them, based in the EU as well, who they can contact if they want to exercise their GDPR rights, if they want to make a Subject Access Request or to exercise any of their other GDPR rights. They are able to contact the local representative to do that on their behalf. And also, if the Data Protection Supervisory Authority needs to contact the business in relation to a GDPR issue, if it gets a complaint from the data subject or has any other issues that it wants to raise with the Data Controller or Processor, then it can contact the representative in the EU, on behalf of that controller who’s located outside the EU.